Transport Authority of the Year 2011

This is the Award for Britain's must bus-friendly local authority.

The performance of most bus services is critically affected by policies on traffic management, parking and road network development as well as land use.

Enlightened authorities encourage use of public transport, provide levels of support for subsidised bus services and concessionary travel beyond statutory minimum levels, invest in bus service infrastructure and promote public transport.

This Award will be won by an authority that is

  • prepared to implement or work with others to implement measures to improve bus service reliability
  • work to improve the safety, security and attractiveness of the bus-based journey
  • ensures or works with others to ensure that key bus routes are kept clear of un-controlled parking, servicing and other obstructions
  • has itself or works with partners to ensure that parking management and pricing policies help maintain the competitiveness of buses with cars.

This category was suspended for 2011, and no award was made.

In the light of the current situation on spending cuts and redundancies in local authorities, the Management Committee felt that making an award was inappropriate.

Who can be nominated?

Authorities which have statutory responsibility for transport in their area. This may therefore include County Councils, Passenger Transport Executives, Unitary Authorities or Regional Transport Partnerships.

…and by whom?

We welcome nominations from bus operators running in the relevant authority’s area. Elected members or employees of authorities may also nominate an authority but the nomination must be supported by one or more operators of registered local bus services in the authority’s area.

Criteria and Entry Requirements

Nominations will be judged on the quality of submissions for this Award. The nominating person/company, or the authority nominated, needs to:

  • Show the extent to which the authority actively promotes, facilitates and supports bus use
  • Demonstrate how planning policies encourage development in areas that can be effectively served by bus
  • Show that the authority’s traffic management (including bus priority) policies give maximum practical assistance to increase reliability of bus services
  • Describe the area’s parking policy and show how it minimises conflict with bus services and that pricing policy takes into account the need to maintain cost competitiveness between bus and car use
  • State whether the authority consults and works with operators in developing and implementing its policies and provide evidence that responses are genuinely taken into account
  • Describe how the public are consulted about transport policies
  • State whether targets are set for bus performance and explain how are these monitored
  • Supply evidence showing the overall trends in numbers of car and public transport trips (by mode, if applicable)
  • Describe, including statistical analysis if available, the trends in bus reliability related to traffic causes
  • Describe policies to improve the accessibility of the bus product for people with mobility difficulties
  • State whether the results are likely to be sustainable
  • Describe any future plans for further development
  • Show that funds for supported services are used effectively to encourage maximum bus use showing, where appropriate, how such expenditure complements operators’ commercial networks
  • Show that the concessionary fares scheme has been administered in a spirit of partnership and co-operation
  • Include any relevant supporting material, for example Local Transport Plan extracts and available patronage and modal split trends in support of the nomination.

Entries should address each of the above criteria to assist with the judging process.

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