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Luke Rees-Pulley in whose memory the charitable trust was foundedSponsored by the Luke Rees-Pulley Charitable Trust and Transport for London

Luke Rees-Pulley was passionate about buses throughout his life, which was tragically cut short by murder. The trust founded in his name seeks to rekindle the pride and status of bus drivers in the capital to the levels seen in the 1930s - when to be a bus driver was to be a respected professional providing an essential service. This award is part of that process, recognising and rewarding top-quality service and commitment.

This award is presented to the London bus driver who has best demonstrated excellent performance from the customer perspective in the 12 month period to the end of June 2012. 


The Winner

Roy Lambe from Go-Ahead LondonRoy Lambe, Go-Ahead London, Stockwell Garage

With over 30 years service under his belt Roy has consistently delivered exceptional customer service coupled with exemplary driving standards. Over the years his friendly, helpful attitude and cheerful good humour have resulted in an excellent rapport with passengers on route 11. He has received numerous public commendations from passengers who have appreciated Roy’s positive attitude to the job: these range from appreciation for the warm welcome he gives people as they board and patience with the elderly to gratitude for help in quickly retrieving belongings left on his bus and cheering people up when the weather is miserable. By consistently delivering a high level of customer service that includes helpfully dealing with numerous queries and keeping passengers informed of service related issues, Roy is known as an ambassador for this famous and key route.

Joint Runner Up

Rui Branco from Abbellio's Battersea GarageRui Branco, Abellio London, Battersea Garage

Rui is a polite and helpful driver on route 156, serving the local community and also many visitors during the summer to and from Wimbledon for the tennis. His personal file is outstanding, with no accidents, absences or late entries: he always arrives for work early, smartly dressed and with the right attitude. Rui has great interactive skills and a very outgoing nature when serving the public as well as an excellent relationship with colleagues and management. Rui’s fluent Portuguese is frequently put to use communicating with drivers of Portuguese or Spanish descent.He holds three relief positions, in service quality, route control and CCTV, within the company, which well highlight his versatility and overall character.

Joint Runner Up

Kamya Ssemakadde from London United's Tolworth GarageKamya Ssemakadde, London United, Tolworth Garage

‘A skilled driver with zero blameworthy accidents, committed to top-notch customer service, interested in her customers, a fine dresser who looks the part, completely dependable, gets along well with her colleagues and takes a real pride in what she does. This is no fictional character, but a description of driver Kamya Ssemakadde. Kamya has worked on the K3 service for some years and thoroughly enjoys driving the route; she has a particular empathy for strangers to the UK, helping them to find their way around, and has received commendations from elderly passengers appreciating her care for them. Her manager says Kamya is a fine example of what any manager – or customer – could hope for in a bus driver.

Highly Commended

Peter Bennet from Arrvia's Norwood GaragePeter Bennett, Arriva London, Norwood Garage

With over 30 years in the bus industry as a driver, Peter is always willing to help and nothing is too much trouble. Peter works as a new entrant trainer, helping to settle new staff into the business as well as driving Routemaster buses on the Arriva Heritage fleet for corporate events. Peter manages all this as well as a demanding family life where he and his wife have to care for a 29-year old daughter with a rare condition. He has an excellent attendance record, his timekeeping is also excellent, he is always smart in appearance sets a great example by demonstrating how to work to a very high standard in a what is undoubtedly a demanding industry.


Scott Horney from Go-Ahead London's Merton GarageScott Horney, Go-Ahead London, Merton Garage

Scott is an exceptional driver who is able to cope with the difficult task of assisting the public in a cheerful, polite manner. His smooth professional style was commended by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Scott is an amazing organiser, bringing together the garage with his sports, social and charity events such as cake sales, walks, running and even charity football tournaments that build links with other countries.Scott is also the main organiser for the garage Sports & Social Club, encouraging other drivers to participate and enjoy social evenings and family fun days. Scott also helps to ensure that the industry strives for best practice and was instrumental in Go-Ahead London's Safety and Environment Competition, being the driver liaison on the winning working group.

Angela Spragg from Quality Line's Epsom GarageAngela Spragg, Quality Line, Epsom Garage

Angela is an excellent and professional driver with an undoubted ability to engage with people including garage staff and the passengers she serves day by day. The team leader for route X26, Croydon to Heathrow, Angela has a crucial role bringing together a team of almost 30 drivers. Her manager says ‘Angela’s customer service levels are amongst the best: she always has a smile on her face and makes sure the company message is put across to the drivers she represents. Likewise, she gets the drivers’ message across to the management team, but always in a constructive way.’ Highly regarded by her peers, Angela is a credit to her profession and her company.


Peter Varley from Stagecoach LondonPeter Varley, Stagecoach London

Peter has a safe driving record over 16 years, backed up by his grade 1 driving assessments, an excellent attendance record and is always enthusiastic and willing to help out with a variety of projects including film work where the crew appreciated the way he assisted them. He has received a number of commendations from members of the public and organisers of events he's helped at, including the Omnibus Society, the TfL Events Team, a film crew and a wedding hire. Peter has also trained as a driving instructor and was described by the organisers of SkillCity, where he helped to represent TfL, as ‘an excellent ambassador for Stagecoach and the bus industry’.



WarrenWiils from London UnitedWarren Wills, London United, Fulwell Garage

Quite possibly the perfect bus driver, says Warren Wills’ manager. Warren embodies all the essential attributes required of today's bus driver, and more. He is a skilled driver, knowledgeable about bus routes, looks smart, is customer-focused and will go the extra mile, being always willing to step in and lend a hand at the request of his superiors at the garage. Warren is the consummate professional navigating a bus through London: he knows every turn, every traffic light and every road junction on every bus route running out of Fulwell garage and is willing to work on any service at the drop of a hat. Warren is a trendsetter in the industry and determines the standard by which all bus drivers should be measured.

Who could be nominated?

All London bus garages are eligible to submit nominations for their best-performing drivers based on: 

  • Mystery Traveller reports
  • Driving Standard Assessment reports
  • Public Commendations
  • Driver Monitoring (Internal) assessments
  • Accident record

If necessary other areas of performance, including discipline and attendance, will be considered.

The winner of the Top London Bus Driver prize will be the individual who best represents the customer’s ideal:

  • a driver who is friendly, helpful, conscientious, mindful of passengers’ comfort and wellbeing – in short, a true professional and worthy ambassador for the job 

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