2018 Environment Award

Environment Award

This award is presented to the scheme which, in the opinion of the judges, constitutes the best contribution by a bus operator, authority, manufacturer or any group or individual within those organisations to one or more of the following:

  • Further improving the environmental friendliness of the bus
  • Improving the environment in which buses operate
  • Improving the environment for bus users and potential users.

For the avoidance of doubt, environmental benefits in the context of this award are defined as:

  • Changes to noise levels
  • Changes to vehicle emissions, either in total or in the chemical content which would be less harmful to either public health or in reducing contributions to global warming
  • Changes to air quality in specific areas (for example, depots, terminals or other places where vehicles and humans interact), including local authority designated Air Quality Management Areas.
  • A reduction in waste products or in the environmental effects of waste products.
  • Improved energy efficiency in either premises or on the road.

Winner, Gold Award, World’s largest fleet of bio-gas double deckers – Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City Transport is home to the world’s largest fleet of biogas double deckers, which are the greenest buses on the road. Using fuel produced from waste through anaerobic digestion, these buses prevent harmless pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere from landfill and have an almost well-to-wheel carbon neutral footprint. The recent ú16.4m investment in 53 brand new, environmentally friendly biogas buses, and installation of a biogas fuelling station, marked the beginning of NCT’s three year programme to upgrade its entire fleet to Euro VI. With a further 67 biogas buses planned, and an exhaust treatment upgrade system being installed on 185 young diesels, NCT has embraced and is making a significant contribution towards Nottingham’s aim to be the UK’s greenest city.

Winner, Silver Award, World’s first zero emission electric double decker – Optare

Optare is a leading British manufacturer of urban buses with a modern assembly facility near Leeds employing around 350 people. Its range of innovative buses feature a radical light weight integral space frame design and it has now delivered the world’s first truly zero emission electric double decker. The Optare Metrodecker EV represents a major step towards zero emission bus transport in all of the UK’s major cities. The long-term benefits of the Optare Metrodecker EV mean a 60% reduction in well to wheel greenhouse gas emissions when compared with diesel equivalents improving air quality and reducing health risks where these vehicles operate. There is also potential for well to wheel emissions to reduce further as more electricity is generated from renewable sources.

Winner, Bronze Award, Electric vehicles – Lothian Buses

By investing heavily in creating one of the greenest fleets in the UK, Lothian is at the forefront of environmental improvements in bus services, making a real different to the air quality and noise pollution of the Edinburgh communities it serves.

Finalist, Liverpool Bus Alliance – Merseytravel and partners

Buses in the Liverpool City Region are now cleaner, greener and more evironmentally friendly thanks to the Bus Alliance.