2019 ROSCO Award for Innovation in Road Safety

ROSCO Award for Innovation in Road Safety sponsored by sponsored by ROSCO

Winner, Gold Award, Driving a strong safety culture – Arriva Yorkshire

Arriva Yorkshire’s Dewsbury Depot’s commitment to improve and develop their safety culture has led to an innovative and consistent approach to training. After just 18 months the results have been remarkable. By following tried and tested methods to empower employees they have had a huge impact on business performance. The training had an effect on the whole depot performance, the Arriva Yorkshire depot of the year accolade was awarded to Dewsbury Depot in October! By month 10 the competition, which is based on KPI performance, had already been determined through the team’s excellent scores.

The judges were very impressed with the outputs from this pilot scheme in an area of the industry not known for its innovation. Similar initiatives in other depots around the country could not only have a major effect in reducing blameworthy accidents and their resulting cost, but also bring wider performance benefits to operators.

Winner, Silver Award, Mobileye – Abellio London

Road safety is of paramount importance to us at Abellio London. Working with Mobileye’s real time collision prevention technology initially as part of Transport for London’s Safety Innovation Fund we trialled the technology on 3 Central London bus routes at Battersea depot for 11 periods, involving 66 vehicles and 200 drivers. The results were astounding with a 26% reduction in avoidable collisions and a 36% reduction in avoidable on-board customer injuries year on year. Following the successful trial, a business case was approved to fit our entire fleet with the technology. Installations are now underway and will be completed before the end of the year. Beddington depot installed 47% of their fleet in the first period and we and saw a 52% reduction in collisions that same period. Drivers like the technology, seeing it as a real time assist for them in their busy roles plus it’s easy to use and many of them have similar technology in their personal cars. Through this project Abellio London are improving road safety in London and playing our part in working towards Vision Zero.

Winner, Bronze Award, Glider driver training programme – Translink

To manage and improve road safety following the introduction of a new rapid transit service in Belfast, the Translink Training Academy designed and delivered a transformative conversion training programme that not only let the Drivers familiarise themselves with the new vehicles but focused on route risks, safe urban driving and managing distraction. This 2 week programme was a huge investment in staff development and by partnering with key stakeholders we undertook a successful training event that has already realised an improvement in our safety performance and incredible increase in patronage, of 45k additional passengers per week in the first nine months of operation. In order to establish a positive safety culture within Glider we researched best practice and introduced new methods of training that challenged the norm such as Disability Equality Training rather than simple ‘awareness’ training, which just focuses on understanding Disability as a medical health care issue. We also utilised simple yet effective route training videos that focused on route risks. To assist with ensuring our new improved standards are consistently met, we introduced a comprehensive assessment process to identify any development needs and provide ongoing Driver support.

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