Criteria for Marketing

This award recognises marketing excellence through particular  campaigns and initiatives which demonstrate flair, imagination and original approaches, leading to demonstrable outputs with before and after comparisons to bear out the effectiveness.

The campaigns or initiatives may be of short duration or be part of a sustained effort to change attitudes towards bus travel and to win new custom.

Who can be nominated?

The award is open to operators, local authorities, other organisations or partnerships dedicated to marketing bus travel.

… and by whom?

We welcome nominations from customers, authorities, user groups and bus operators. Self-nomination is acceptable.

The Criteria and Entry Requirements

We have made the entry submission for the Marketing Award a ‘blank canvas’ with no set criteria, but with a few points of guidance. Entrants have total flexibility within a 2,000 word limit in how they present their case to win this award.

Submissions should not exceed 2,000 words and could cover:

  • Details of the campaign or initiative and of the outputs it was designed to achieve. This may include the background which led to the campaign being adopted in the first place.
  • How successful it was in delivering these. You may wish to demonstrate this by including before and after comparisons from survey work , revenue and patronage statistics and any other means used to measure the impact and effectiveness of the scheme.
  • Highlights of particularly innovative and imaginative features of the campaign.
  • Inclusion of examples of material used in support of the campaign and the use of different media channels.
  • How the campaign or scheme is likely to evolve into the future, if that is the intention.
  • How the campaign was explained internally to gain buy in and support from those responsible for delivering the actual service.
  • In short, how the submission is about a memorable project which stands out from the crowd in what is usually a heavily competed entry list.