You can find guidance on the criteria for this category here

This award will go to the organisation, operator or employee who, in the opinion of the judges, has made the biggest contribution towards safety and safe driving during the past year.

Who can be nominated?

This category is open to authorities, coach operators, individual managers or licensed PCV drivers.

… and by whom?

We welcome nominations from employers, customers and organisations campaigning or promoting safety and safe driving. Self-nomination is acceptable.

Criteria and Entry Requirements

The award will be based on the quality of the information supplied. The information should:

  • Describe the contribution made to safe driving by the individual or initiative
  • State how the initiative was executed, showing the methods used and why
  • Supply evidence showing the results or improvements made to safe driving
  • State whether the results are likely to be sustainable and how they might be more widely applied in the industry
  • Describe any future plans for further development
  • Supply appropriate examples of the any materials used in any campaign or initiative associated with the nomination.

Entries should address each of the above criteria to assist with the judging process, because non-transferable marks will be allocated for each of these criteria.


Please ensure that you send JPEG files. PDFs, pictures in Word files and in PowerPoint presentations are NOT acceptable.

For people categories, it is nice to see the person in a work environment – in a driving cab, by a vehicle or with colleagues, for example – but please ensure that the nominee is clearly recognisable. A head and shoulders shot is also useful. For other categories, please send pictures of your project or your company’s activities, and send one of the team involved.

These photographs may be used by us in a variety of ways, on the Bus Awards web site, in video presentations and in souvenir brochures and other printed material including the trade press.So that we can make the most effective use of the pictures you send us, please try to ensure that they are high-resolution JPG images (300 dpi) and at least 1200 x 1600 pixels in size. This implies a file size of at least several hundred KB – more is better. If you are using a mobile phone, please select the highest quality/most mega pixel/highest file size setting.

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