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This award is designed to recognise, reward and inspire management talent in the UK bus industry.

Who can be nominated?

This award is open to all managers under the age of 30 who:

  • Lead an organisation or major business unit in a professional capacity
  • Operate their own business employing more than five people
  • Work in a transport authority, government department or quasi non-governmental organisation with functional responsibility for more than five staff
  • Have worked in their current capacity for a continuous period of not less than six months at 31st May 2020.

… and by whom?

We welcome nominations from all eligible organisations, both of their own employees and of outstanding young managers with whom they work in partnership or as stakeholders. Self-nomination is NOT appropriate for this category. In all cases, the consent of the person nominated must be obtained to their name being put forward, and confirmation of this will be required on the nomination form.

Criteria and Entry Requirements

The judges will reach their decision on a short-list of finalists on the quality of the submissions made by the nominating organisation. Short-listed entrants may be required to meet the judges (see below).

Nominating organisations must be able to demonstrate that the nominees have shown excellence in management and leadership and that this has been recognised by them.

We have made the entry submission for the Young Manager of the Year a ‘blank canvas’. With no set criteria but a few points of guidance, entrants have total flexibility within a 2,000 word limit in how they present their case for this award.

Nominees must be able to demonstrate:

  • An ability to manage complex tasks, people, processes and the environment in which their organisation operates
  • Effective communication skills with both staff and stakeholders
  • A commitment to mentoring or other leadership activities
  • The ability to perform to a budget.

Entries should address each of the above criteria to assist with the judging process, because non-transferable marks will be allocated for each of these criteria.

Short-listed entrants may, at the discretion of the judges, be required to make a ten minute presentation to the judges either:

  • on the role of their organisation in the community and the wider transport market, or
  • on a subject of their own choosing relevant to the transport industry

and to answer questions from the judging panel (also ten minutes) on the presentation and/or any part of the entry.


Please ensure that you send JPEG files. PDFs, pictures in Word files and in PowerPoint presentations are NOT acceptable.

For people categories, it is nice to see the person in a work environment – in a driving cab, by a vehicle or with colleagues, for example – but please ensure that the nominee is clearly recognisable. A head and shoulders shot is also useful. For other categories, please send pictures of your project or your company’s activities, and send one of the team involved.

These photographs may be used by us in a variety of ways, on the Bus Awards web site, in video presentations and in souvenir brochures and other printed material including the trade press.So that we can make the most effective use of the pictures you send us, please try to ensure that they are high-resolution JPG images (300 dpi) and at least 1200 x 1600 pixels in size. This implies a file size of at least several hundred KB – more is better. If you are using a mobile phone, please select the highest quality/most mega pixel/highest file size setting.

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