London Service Quality Award 2008

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The Service Quality Award is about exemplary service. The focus is on not just carrying out every day tasks proficiently, but about ‘going the extra mile’ to achieve outstanding results through extra effort.  

Winner: Service Quality Team, Metrobus Croydon

The judges felt this was the strongest entry in this category because of the overall impact of the Service Quality Team both during a time of disruption and subsequently.

The amount of evidence given was exemplary, demonstrating improvements on all services over a long period of time. There was specific reference to routes X26 and 127 as examples of how this was working, and the statistics presented for all routes over 3 years strongly endorsed the achievements of the team.

Runner-Up: John Burdon, Operational Support Team, TfL Revenue Protection

Transport for London’s revenue protection team has adopted a robust approach to irregular travel and associated disorders, and is particularly focused on targeting fare evasion on London's articulated bus routes. Under John's style of leading by example, the team is having great success in improving the bus passenger experience.

The judges felt that this initiative was having a very positive impact on passengers’ overall experience of bus trave. The fact that passengers on bendybuses were more likely to have their tickets checked was seen as a plus, because there was a general feeling among passengers that too many fare evaders were getting away with it.

Highly Commended

Smith System team of driving instructors, First Willesden Junction

This team of 19 experienced instructors embraced, accepted and implemented a totally new way of training bus drivers, called the Smith System. First’s entry showed how this radical approach to driving was leading to a driving environment with far less stress, which in turn was making life better for all road users. The results were impressive. For 1,900 drivers trained so far, there has been an 18% reduction in collisions.

The judging panel commended this approach. It motivates drivers while improving their safety, and has the necessary advantage in a better and smoother ride for passengers. It also promotes an environmentally conscious style of driving.

Stratford and Waterden Road – Garage Relocation Team, East London Bus Group

The team showed great enthusiasm for the challenge of closing and relocating two garages to make way for the 2012 Olympic Park and in getting the new depots operational.

Both moves were seamless with no delays or disruption to services which is a credit to them all. For these reasons the panel felt that this team deserved recognition.

Run out team at Alperton Garage, First London

This three man Operations/Engineering team combines to ensure the morning run-out is delivered in a safe, professional and organized manner. The proactive approach (ensuring that any last minute snags, such as blown bulbs, are repaired immediately to ensure full service) should be the norm everywhere but the consistency with which it is applied appears to deliver good results.

The service controller’s organisational skills (in particular ensuring that exits do not become clogged with driverless buses as staff search for vehicles)and courteous, professional, unflappable approach set a good example.

Staff Training & Development Team - Nik Partou and Dave Jones, Arriva London, Wood Green Garage

A high quality approach to service is achieved through good training and development of staff. Arriva London are using innovative methods to engage with a large, diverse and mostly mobile workforce, a challenge these managers have excelled at over the last 12 months.

Using DVD technology, supported by garage road shows and poster campaigns, they have raised awareness of quality issues and affected real and sustained improvement in an innovative way.


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