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This is the category which recognises and rewards new thinking in the industry - amongst operators, authorities and suppliers. It focuses especially on products which can reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency or make bus travel more attractive.

A successful nomination for this award needs to demonstrate development of an original or novel idea that achieves one or more of the following:

  • improves the image of the bus
  • stimulates interest in, or desire for, the bus product
  • improves the efficiency of the industry
  • reduces the environmental impact of the industry

This award will be made for an innovation which, in the opinion of the judges, most contributes to the improvement of the bus product. Evidence of quantification of the benefits achieved is essential.

Winner: Arriva North West


The in-cab LED display in Arriva's systemEcoManager is a technological innovation that saves money and reduces emissions.

The technology provides the drivers with real time feedback, which enables them to adjust their driving techniques to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. A dashboard–mounted LED display runs from green through amber to red depending on the level of fuel consumption and so with improved awareness, drivers can maximise the amount of time their bus runs ‘in the green’ and save fuel.

Prior to the start of the EcoManager trail the target was to improve fuel efficiency by 4% and reduce emissions by 7%, the result however were much more impressive. Fuel efficiency improved by up to 12.1% and emissions reduced by 9.1%. Saving a 100,669 litres of fuel and an estimated 263.75 tons of CO2, added to which passenger research highlighted improved satisfaction with ride quality.

The judges were impressed by the enthusiastic manner by which all the staff involved embraced the initiative.

Runners Up: FirstGroup: Small Changes, Big Difference

One of the FirstGroup postersSmall Changes, Big Difference, is an internal environmental awareness campaign covering areas such as eco driving, recycling of waste, saving energy, water and reducing business travel. The aim is to get staff in every department to think about the environment in every aspect of their job. With the emphasis focused on the small things, which when accumulated can amount to a big difference and a step closer to sustainability.

As part of the Group’s continual environmental improvement program staff focus groups had identified the feeling that an individual could not make a difference. As a result a series of posters were produced and distributed to raise awareness of the environment, and how small changes in individual behaviour can make significant differences.

Initiatives backing up the campaign have already led to measurable reductions in each of the targeted categories.

In June of this year First UK Bus operating companies achieved accreditation to the ISO 14001 management system standard the first national public transport operator to do so.

Highly Commended

Low emission and electric vehicles form part of Go-Ahead London's initiativeGo-Ahead London for Go Green

The Go-Green campaign at Go-Ahead London has embraced technology and training to deliver ground breaking reductions in CO2 emmissions. Through the intergration of telematics, awareness campaigns and incentivisation programmes Go-Ahead London's staff have become more efficient and safer.

The campaign began in August 2008 and has delivered a 10% improvement in fuel consumption and a 20% reduction in site energy useage. Given that this is across 13 depots, 1500 buses and 4500 staff we are very proud of the achievemnts of the Go-Green team.

Metrobus's Facebook pageMetrobus for their prescence on Facebook

Metrobus was amongst the first bus companies to create a presence for itself on Facebook and use this social networking media to advertise and communicate with current and potential passengers.  Metrobus is targeting and interacting with people that conventional bus advertising might not normally reach as well as communicating with current passengers just as effectively and efficiently as traditional formats..  



The Yellow Buses campaign teamCarbon Stoppers, Transdev Yellow Buses

Home of Carbon Stoppers, an innovative campaign rewarding bus travellers by putting something back into the community.
Each week we have a 'Thank You Thursday' when every trip taken contributes to a Community Chest, available to schools, community groups, eco projects and good causes. Readers of the Daily Echo, Bournemouth, are invited to nominate a worthy cause or charity.





Who could be nominated?

This category was open to industry suppliers, operators and local authorities either separately or in conjunction with one another.

And by whom?

Nominations were welcomed from all eligible organisations, and self-nomination was acceptable.

Criteria and Entry Requirements

Entries are judged on the basis of the quality of the submissions, which needed to:

  • Provide a full description of the innovation, describing how it works and how it was introduced.
  • Explain how has it made a difference
  • State whether any partners were involved and, if so, describe their roles
  • Describe the mechanisms put in place for public consultation (where appropriate) and for comment and feedback?
  • Describe how were staff informed and trained, and the impact (if any) the innovation has had on their jobs
  • Describe how the impact of the innovation was measured.
  • Supply evidence of the overall trend(s) affected by the innovation, as appropriate, in:
    • patronage/revenue
    • customer satisfaction
    • cost and efficiency levels
    • environmental impacts
  • State whether the results are likely to be sustainable
  • Describe any future plans for further development.
  • Include any relevant supporting material.


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